Nasal treatment trial for snoring

To test whether surgery to open then nasal airway may help with snoring we can use devices to open the front of the nose, and sprays to treat the nasal lining.

Use the nasal spray alone for 2 or 3 nights then try using both the nasal spray and the nasal dilator (breathe rite strips or nose cones) for another 2-3 nights and rate your quality of sleep and level of snoring. The decongestant sprays are not suitable for long term use, we are using it just as a test to see how much difference it makes to the snoring. However, the nasal dilators can be used long term if they are helpful.

Nasal sprays

Nasal decongestant sprays such as Otrivin, Drixine, Sinex or similar are effective at improving the nasal airway but can only be used as a short-term trial – up to 5 nights. Take one spray each nostril before you go to bed.

Nasal dilators

Breathe-rite strips – adhesive strips which spring apart and hold the nose open.

Nose cones – these fit inside the nostrils to hold the nose open. There are various brands on the market, check with your chemist or max-air nose cones are available online.