Postop instructions

If there is a head bandage, this needs to be removed the next morning – if you had day surgery, you can take this off at home (lift it off from the opposite side first, or carefully cut the bandage with a blunt ended pair of scissors) or at our rooms.

If there are skin tapes behind the ear, leave them in place until they come loose after a few days, and keep the area dry.

Keep the ear dry and avoid nose blowing. If you have to sneeze, sneeze with the mouth open and avoid flying for 6 weeks. We want to avoid actively popping the ear as this can dislodge the graft.

There may be some ooze from the ear canal and if so, a piece of cotton wool in the bowl of the ear can be used and changed as needed. Using a towel on the pillow early on is also a good idea.

The ear will feel blocked and you may experience some popping and squelching with swallowing or yawning – this is normal, but don’t try to pop the ear.

There will be some packing in the ear canal and follow up in the clinic will be arranged. The exact timing depends on the procedure and will be specified in the discharge instructions – if an appointment isn’t made from the hospital, please call my rooms to arrange this.