Bactroban and shampoo nasal lavage

This is a treatment with a Surfactant and Antibiotic Irrigation.

What is it?

A combination of a surfactant (Johnson’s Baby Shampoo) and an antibiotic (Bactroban ointment).

Why is it used?

Bacteria can form a layer on the lining of the sinuses called a biofilm. Once a biofilm has formed, the bacteria within it are highly resistant to antibiotics, and become very difficult to eradicate. Another example of a biofilm is plaque on the teeth.

The Johnson’s baby shampoo acts as a surfactant to try to physically disrupt the biofilm, while the antibiotic ointment aims to kill the bacteria forming the biofilm.

How is it used?

Add 2.5cm of the ointment (about the width of a 50c piece) to the wash bottle as well as the usual salt solution and shake the bottle well to dissolve the ointment. Then add 2ml of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (making a 1% solution), gently shake the bottle and irrigate the nose as usual.