Laryngeal surgery

Postop instructions

You may need voice rest after the surgery for 24-48 hours depending on what procedure is performed. This means no speaking at all, and using a pen and paper to communicate.

Reduced voice use for 5 days after this is recommended – avoid talking loudly, shouting or whispering and try to minimise voice use.

Laryngeal healing can be aggravated by reflux and reflux treatment may be prescribed in the postop period to improve healing, even if you don’t usually suffer from reflux.

Pain is not usually severe and can be managed with simple analgesics such as paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Breathing difficulty after surgery is very uncommon, but if you experience difficult or noisy breathing, please contact Dr Timperley, go to the nearest emergency department or call an ambulance.

Follow up arrangements will be specified in the discharge paperwork – if a postop appointment is needed and you aren’t given a time before you leave the hospital, please call my rooms to arrange this.